Riothorse Royale live @ The Satellite

“Riothorse Royale is an indie rock duo that pulsated into life when two girls and an electric guitar conjured a venomous ghost choir. Madi Diaz and Emily Greene have voices that are velvet and vulnerable, but their sound isn’t precious, it’s perilous. They sing with guts and fury and pure adrenaline.” Watch Riothorse Royale performContinue reading “Riothorse Royale live @ The Satellite”

Kevin Hart Comedy Tour “What Now?”

“Kevin Hart is one of comedy’s biggest stars with a celebrated and award-winning career that has seen the talented entertainer become one of the industry’s most important and influential voices. In 2015 Kevin starred in Screen Gem’s smash hit, The Wedding Ringer, which took in over $80 million internationally, and in March 2015, starred oppositeContinue reading “Kevin Hart Comedy Tour “What Now?””