Neil Diamond Comes Home to the Greek

“Four decades after ‘Hot August Night,’ Neil Diamond delivers a career retrospective from the same stage that launched his into the stratosphere.

“As one of the most popular live performers in the world, Neil Diamond has a lot of venues he can call his own, but only one he can truly call home: L.A.’s Greek Theatre. As the story goes, and the new 40th anniversary edition of Hot August Night confirms, in 1972, Diamond was on the verge of superstardom. He needed one major signature event to make the leap and the multi-platinum Hot August Night, recorded at the Greek on August 24, 1972, became that transcendent moment. After that date, Neil Diamond became an icon.”


Read the rest of the article on the Hollywood Reporter.

Credit: Asst. Editor (for behind-the-scenes segment)

Published by Kari Heavenrich

Video Editor

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