Apple Music “First Listen” features OLIVIA RODRIGO, releases new album Sour

Countdown to live album release

“The teenage singer-songwriter posted the album artwork to her Instagram, featuring her face blanketed in colorful stickers with the album title spelled out on her tongue. She also revealed the tracklist, which contains the immensely popular power ballad ‘Drivers License,’ which she released earlier this year.” Read the full article on Rolling Stone

Album release announcement on Instagram

“In an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music’s First Listen on Thursday, May 20, Olivia revealed… ‘drivers license’ proved an important point… when it came to music-writing: that people just want raw, emotional songs that they can connect to. ‘It kind of confirmed this hypothesis that I’ve had in my head for a really long time that brute honesty and vulnerability was the thing that everyone, universally related to and it didn’t need to have the catchiest melody in the world or the coolest cutting edge production or the best singer in the world for a song to resonate.’ She can definitely say that again, because Sour has us fully in our feelings—and we wouldn’t want it any other way.” Read the full article on Teen Vogue

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