South Park 25th Anniversary Concert

Art by Jim Mazza

“On August 9th at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, absurdist animated dreams became reality as Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Ween, and Primus celebrated 25 years of South Park. The cardboard legacy came to life as the show’s creators conducted the respective alternative rock icons through a marathon performance of songs from throughout the show’s history.

“Primus and Ween served a necessary purpose as it is probably not medically safe to laugh as hard as we all did for three hours straight. Between fits of unbridled joy, Matt and Trey delivered the Kanye-skewering autotune club anthem “Gay Fish” before touching on The Book of Mormon with “Man Up”. Within the context of Matt and Trey’s 2011 Broadway musical, what we all witnessed on Tuesday made more sense. Sure, these are the guys that became the gold standard for comedy that is somehow both low-brow and astutely insightful satire, but they are also lifelong lovers of musical theater who will take any opportunity to deliver a performance worthy of New York’s Theater District. Matt and Trey brought South Park‘s raunchiness to life on Tuesday, and put it to sheet music.” Read the full article here

Watch the full show

Credit: Editor

Published by Kari Heavenrich

Video Editor

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