A Very Backstreet Holiday

“It’s been almost 30 years since the Backstreet Boys burst onto the music scene and the much-loved boyband was ready to celebrate the holidays in true 1990s style. “In early December, the band filmed a Christmas special, titled A Very Backstreet Holiday for ABC and Disney+ that was set to air on December 14. The special saw bandmates Nick Carter, AJ McLean, KevinContinue reading “A Very Backstreet Holiday”

South Park 25th Anniversary Concert

“On August 9th at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, absurdist animated dreams became reality as Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Ween, and Primus celebrated 25 years of South Park. The cardboard legacy came to life as the show’s creators conducted the respective alternative rock icons through a marathon performance of songs from throughout the show’s history. “Primus and Ween served a necessary purpose as itContinue reading “South Park 25th Anniversary Concert”

Saks Fifth Avenue’s Holiday Light Show

“On Monday, November 22, Saks unveiled its world-famous holiday window display and theatrical light show, featuring a special appearance by Michelle Obama, former first lady of the United States and founder of the Girls Opportunity Alliance, and a performance by the Young People’s Chorus of New York City.” “This year, the light show features aContinue reading “Saks Fifth Avenue’s Holiday Light Show”

APPLE MUSIC First Listen, Season 2

Apple Music “First Listen” has hosted many album releases in 2021, featuring artists from streaming locations across the globe: NY, LA, London, Australia, Germany and Japan. The diverse group of talent offered surprisingly intimate looks into their life, creative process, and genuine thoughts on their newest contribution to the music scene. LADY GAGA + TONYContinue reading “APPLE MUSIC First Listen, Season 2”


“Dear Earth, which will premiere on YouTube this Saturday, aims to inspire viewers from all over the planet to make it a better, healthier and more sustainable home to us all and educate them on how to solve climate problems through keynote addresses, musical performances, special appearances and comedic shorts.” Read the full article here onContinue reading “Dear Earth, featuring BARACK OBAMA, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, POPE FRANCIS, and more…”

JOHN LEGEND & ALOK “In My Mind” Music Video

“The Voice coach John Legend released a new song on July 30 with Alok. The techno tune is very lyrical, talking about yearning to be with someone. It has an easy to listen to groove and the possibility to hit the charts very quickly. This song begins with a light beat, accompanied by Legend’s equally as light vocals. Legend beginsContinue reading “JOHN LEGEND & ALOK “In My Mind” Music Video”