Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016: Paris, France

“The show has become a runway for the biggest models in the industry and this year happens to be the largest yet. More than 5o models showcased 82 looks from the famed lingerie collection, separated by themes such as Dark Angel, Secret Angel, Pink Nation, Mountain Romance, and Bright Night Angel. Familiar faces returned toContinue reading “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016: Paris, France”

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015: New York City, NY

“For the 20th anniversary of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the event takes place in New York City, where it all began in 1995. This year’s show will give an inside look at pink carpet interviews, model profiles, and a behind-the-scenes segment, showing the making of the event. This season’s Fantasy Bra is titled theContinue reading “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015: New York City, NY”

“The Woodsmen” on The History Channel

From The History Channel: THE WOODSMEN gives viewers a look into a world they’ve never seen before. Hidden in the thick forests of the Pacific Northwest, a select group of men have sought out the ultimate freedom–a life in the treetops far removed from the trappings of modernity. They live in primitive structures built with theirContinue reading ““The Woodsmen” on The History Channel”

VH1 Announces New Docu-Series, “Suave Says”

“Gerardo – and his famously chiseled torso – rose to the top of the music charts in the early 1990’s thanks to his hit single ‘Rico Suave.’ When fans eventually moved on, so did Gerardo, who transitioned into a career as a powerful music executive, married a beauty queen and started a family. Now theContinue reading “VH1 Announces New Docu-Series, “Suave Says””