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Employed by a post house or person, with regular hours

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VH1 Announces New Docu-Series, “Suave Says”

“Gerardo – and his famously chiseled torso – rose to the top of the music charts in the early 1990’s thanks to his hit single ‘Rico Suave.’ When fans eventually moved on, so did Gerardo, who transitioned into a career as a powerful music executive, married a beauty queen and started a family. Now the former heartthrob is teaming up […]

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I Love Jenni

I Love Jenni is the highest rated show on Mun2. Our crew follows Jenni Rivera and her family through laughter, love, and tragedy. Link to Mun2 website to view the sneak peek for Episode 219. Credit: Editor/Asst. Editor

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Fake (2011)

Daniel Jakor is one of the most prolific and successful artists the world has never heard of. Struggling to sell his own art, he soon finds his true genius in the forgery of great masters before him. In the end, if no one knows- if they’ll never know- is it really Fake? Credit: Online Asst. Editor