Triller “Fight Night” feat. MOUNT WESTMORE, with SNOOP DOGG, ICE CUBE, E-40, TOO $HORT

“YouTuber Jake Paul takes to the boxing ring this weekend in the first Triller Fight Club event of 2021. The April 17 card features the polarizing internet celebrity taking on ONE Championship champion Ben Askren in a live pay-per-view event streaming on The Paul vs. Askren fight takes place this Saturday, April 17 live from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. With Covid precautions still in place, only 100 lucky ‘Golden Ticket’ winners were invited to be in the stands for the event.

“In addition to the highly-anticipated matchup between Paul and Askren, the Triller Fight Club event will feature performances from Justin Bieber, The Black Keys, Doja Cat, Saweetie, Diplo and Major Lazer. It will also feature the first-ever performance and debut of the hip-hop supergroup Mt. Westmore, featuring Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Too $hort, and E-40.

“Snoop is a co-owner in the Triller Fight Club brand, and the company says the rapper helped to personally choose the fighters and musical acts for this event.

Mount Westmore performing

“The April 17th card will be Triller Fight Club’s first in a series of 2021 special events, following the debut Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. PPV fight in 2020, which Triller says was the eighth most successful fight PPV in history.” Read the full article on Rolling Stone

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APPLE MUSIC “First Listen” features KAROL G

“First Listen es una serie de fiestas de escucha virtuales organizadas por Apple Music, que se remontan a las fiestas de escucha de álbumes de antaño, pero ahora con formas casi ilimitadas para que los artistas inviten a sus mayores fanáticos a algo especial antes de lanzar nueva música al mundo, actuando como una extensión de eventos en vivo de algunas de las listas de reproducción más populares e influyentes de Apple Music.

“’Hice este álbum con mucho amor. No sé si será número uno, pero en mi corazón es el mejor álbum de 2021 y estoy muy feliz de lanzarlo junto a ti Zane y mis fans,’ indicó Karol G.

“Sus fans pudieron chatear en vivo, tener una sesión de preguntas y respuestas, ser parte de un muro virtual y encontrarse con la aparición de invitados especiales como Wisin.” See the full article on El Espectador

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NETFLIX Docuseries: “Worn Stories” April 1

“Jenji Kohan and Morgan Neville are bringing a new documentary series about old clothing to Netflix. Based  on the best-selling book by Emily Spivack, Worn Stories will examine our sentimental connection to particular garments and the stories of the people who wore them.

Worn Stories premieres April 1 on Netflix.” Article here.

Teaser Trailer

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Super Bowl LV Halftime Show featuring THE WEEKND

“On Sunday night, Abel Tesfaye, the 30-year-old musician better known as The Weeknd, completed his decade-long trip from anonymous producer to the heights of pop stardom when he headlined the halftime show at Super Bowl LV. In a performance that surveyed his entire career, he illustrated why he is already preparing to release a greatest hits collection called The Highlights later this month.

“To the opening strains of his 2016 hit “Starboy,” Tesfaye took to the stage designed to look like a heightened version of the Las Vegas strip, back by a dancing choir wearing helmets identical to the ones worn by his collaborators Daft Punk… He jumped in between his various albums, but starting with his back catalog, going from the “The Hills” to his 2015 number one hit “I Can’t Feel My Face,” which played as he walked through a mirrored hallway surrounded by bandaged lookalikes also wearing glittering red blazers, as fireworks erupted in the background.

“Tesfaye walked on after the end of an NFL commercial that advertised a $250 million to commitment to combat racism. “While the season might be over,“ it read, “our commitment to social justice is not.”Though Tesfaye, the first Canadian to perform at the show solo, isn’t necessarily known for his political activism, throughout 2020 he commented on police brutality and racial justice in interviews.  Last June, he donated $500,000 to Black Lives Matter, National Bailout, and Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp. When he won Video of the Year at last fall’s MTV Video Music Awards, he accepted his trophy with a sober speech that sent condolences to the families of Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor. “The pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the tensions of the election have mostly created a sense of gratitude for what I have, and closeness with the people near me,” he said in a December interview with Tmrw magazine.”

Read the full article on Vanity Fair

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CHRIS GETHARD Podcast “Beautiful/Anonymous” Adapted as 4-Part Series

“Ryan Chanatry, general manager of Topic, added, ‘Chris has a special talent for getting people to open up, and the resulting conversations are powerful, uplifting, and often very funny. As long-time fans of the podcast, we’re very excited to bring these stories, and Chris’ friendly and sincere conversation-style, to Topic.’

“Each episode of the series will see Chris Gethard take the call of one random stranger. The caller may hang up at any time, but Gethard is obligated to speak to them for up to half an hour. Topic describes the series as a ‘raw, unplanned exchange between a civilian and a master of conversation.'”

Read full article on The Wrap

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MARIAH CAREY Musical Christmas Special on Apple TV+

“Apple TV+ and Mariah Carey announced today that the holidays will officially arrive with an epic production titled ‘Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special,’ set to debut globally Friday, December 4, on Apple TV+.

“Carey has invited a special lineup of guest superstars including Tiffany Haddish, Billy Eichner, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson, Snoop Dogg, Jermaine Dupri, Misty Copeland and Mykal-Michelle Harris, all to take part in this one-of-a-kind holiday event. Extra special appearances are also made by Carey’s twins, Moroccan and Monroe.

“The holiday event will premiere globally on Apple TV+, which has set records as the only new streaming service to instantly launch globally in over 100 countries, and to have been honored with 122 awards nominations and 39 wins and accolades in its first year.”

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TASKMASTER announces “Hometasking” Challenge

In March 2020, Taskmaster announced an ongoing competition called “Hometasking,” in an effort to inspire people to #StayHome and have fun. When the Task is announced via social media, participants are given 30 hours to submit their entry.

Task #1: Throw a piece of paper into a bin. Most spectacular throw wins!
Task #2: Turn your bathroom into the sort of venue you might visit for a great night out. Best bathroom conversion wins!
Task #6: Do something extraordinary with a pair of trousers. Most extraordinary thing done with a pair of trousers wins!

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The Megan Pormer Show on FOX

“You call it a talk show, I call it an adventure… Hello everyone! I’m Megan Pormer – model, actress, and scientist in biomedical engineering. I wear a lot of hats, and as much as I love to switch things up, I’m most excited about my newest hat: your host on The Megan Pormer Show!

Julia Clancey, Fashion Designer to the Stars, in her studio

“It’s always been my passion to connect with people. No matter where the show takes us, at the root of it, is heart. My mission is to share my platform with everyone from celebrities and the next generation of social media stars to entrepreneurs and doctors with medical breakthroughs. Everyone has a story, and it’s time we turn the spotlight onto more of the minds, voices, and hearts all around us. This show is here for one reason: to give a voice to the unheard. Beginning on September 26th on FOX LA’s KCOP Channel 13, join me every Saturday morning at 8:30am. See you there! Love, Megan”

One lucky woman wins a makeover with Riku Campo, and an outfit from Julia Clancey

Watch the full episode on Youtube

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KEVIN HART “Zero F***s Given” on Netflix

“There are not many comics with the resources to put on a comedy special like Kevin Hart’s new Netflix special No F**ks Given. It is a mid-COVID stand-up special filmed indoors in Hart’s own home, on a stage built in his living room and in front of a small audience of masked and distanced observers. Its very existence is impressive and ostentatious.

Official teaser trailer

“Hart knows exactly how this all comes off: as a combination of anxiety and arrogance. He’s obsessed by it, worried about it, at once proud of what he’s accomplished and embarrassed by how much he wants everyone to think he’s great. He wants approval and wishes he didn’t want it so badly. He’s frustrated and confused about what it means to be a celebrity now, but he’s not blaming the audience — he’s just not exactly sure how this relationship works now. If this was all unconscious, the bragginess and the neediness on display in Zero F**ks Given could be wildly annoying. Instead, Hart makes those things the deliberate centerpiece, telling joke after joke about his weaknesses, his misapprehensions, the things he’s proud of, and how awkward it is to navigate between boasting and wanting to be loved.”

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MILEY CYRUS “Backyard Sessions” on MTV Unplugged


“Miley Cyrus revived her Backyard Sessions for a special episode of MTV’s Unplugged series. During the mini concert, which premiered Friday night, the 27-year-old singer performed her hit songs like ‘Midnight Sky,’ as well as a few throwback covers by Britney Spears, Pearl Jam, and the Cardigans. Accompanied by a band appropriately named The Social Distancers, Cyrus kept the rock vibes strong as she showcased her incredible vocals and unique style during the 30-minute jam session. Toward the end of her set, she even brought out her sister, Noah Cyrus, for a beautiful duet of ‘I Got So High That I Saw Jesus.’

“I Got So High That I Saw Jesus” by Miley and Noah Cyrus

“Whenever Cyrus covers a song, she always manages to make it completely her own… Luckily, MTV has dropped a few of her performances on YouTube, so you can watch them on repeat ahead.”

“Midnight Sky”

Read the full article on Popsugar

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