MILEY CYRUS performs on the Graham Norton Show

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“Since releasing her latest single ‘Midnight Sky’ in August, Miley Cyrus has made the rounds, performing the song virtually on talk shows, at festivals, and award ceremonies. There’s only so much you can do when working remotely, so when recording her set for Graham Norton, the pop star decided to create her ‘dream world but everyone else’s nightmare… We’re in this creatively challenging time that because we’ve had so much time we’ve been able to kind of dream and exercise our imagination in a way because reality is so off right now.'”

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MILEY CYRUS performs on “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”

“Welcome to Miley Cyrus’s ’80s phase. In case you thought new single ‘Midnight Sky’ was a one-off glam-rock anthem with a catchy Stevie Nicks sample, Cyrus dug her heels further into the ’80s on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, also covering Hall & Oates’s hit ‘Maneater.’ She rounded out both performances with glittering dresses, lots of smoke, and a full band.

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“Talking to Fallon before the performances, Cyrus described receiving ‘the coolest letter from Stevie Nicks’ after she ran the ‘Midnight Sky’ sample of ‘Edge of Seventeen’ (that ‘ooh, you know it’s true’ melody). ‘She said, You can borrow from me anytime,’ Cyrus said. Are those elegant, flowy outfits up for grabs too? Cyrus also explained her decision to cover ‘Maneater,’ saying, ‘I think it’s very important to be transparent. So I’m freshly single, so anyone watching that’s my future ex-husband, just know I told you.'” Read the full article on

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90 Day Fiancé, Season 7 “Tell All”

“Tania had some explaining to do on part one of 90 Day Fiance‘s season 7 tell-all special, which aired on Sunday night on TLC.

“Tania acknowledged that she’s been getting a lot of online hate throughout the season, which documented her relationship with her now-husband, Syngin. Syngin moved from South Africa to Connecticut to be with Tania, however, in the middle of their 90 days together before his K-1 visa ran out, she took a trip to Costa Rica for a month to study herbal medicine.”


“But Tania was the most defensive when it came to a memorable moment during this season of 90 Day Fiance, when she told Syngin bluntly that she didn’t think he was her soulmate, and that she actually believed her soulmate was her first love. Not surprisingly, Syngin was upset at her revelation, and Tania was confronted during the tell-all by the other season 7 couples about the controversial statement.

“Tania emotionally explained that the definition of ‘soulmate’ is different for everybody, and of course she does love Syngin.

“‘Does that one word define everything?’ she said, shedding tears.”


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TAYLOR SWIFT “Miss Americana”

“Taylor Swift is a global icon who repeatedly tops the charts, fills stadium tours with rapturous fans, and continues to challenge herself both professionally and personally while remaining steadfast in her vision as an artist. Few have achieved as much as Swift, or have had their personal lives open to such public scrutiny, but in Miss Americana, she finds herself at a watershed moment in her career, using her platform not only as a singer-songwriter, but as a woman fearlessly harnessing the full power of her voice.”

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FOX New Year’s Eve 2020 with Steve Harvey

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“Happy 2020!

“During the third annual Fox’s New Year’s Eve with Steve Harvey: Live from Times Square special on Tuesday night, the comedian and TV host, 62, rang in 2020 with some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 12.40.52 PM

“Maria Menounos and former New England Patriots football player Rob Gronkowski co-hosted the special, with performances by LL Cool J and DJ Z-Trip, The Chainsmokers, The Lumineers, Florida Georgia Line, Backstreet Boys, Tyga and The Killers.

“Gordon Ramsay, Will Arnett and Jenna Dewan also made appearances during the three-and-a-half-hour primetime celebration.

“For Harvey, 2020 is already looking to be a joyous year.”

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Dancing With the Stars 2019

“After last fall’s controversial finale, Dancing With The Stars took a brief hiatus and skipped their standard spring season—they typically do two seasons a year—and fans have been itching for the Emmy-winning dance competition’s return. Mirror ball enthusiasts breathed a collective sigh of relief when ABC confirmed that the show will premiere on Monday, September 16 at 8:00 PM. The program will be bigger and better than ever, with expected format changes to keep the audience on their toes and make the competition more about dancing.”

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On the controversial Sean Spicer: “Trump has been a great supporter of Spicer’s efforts, against all odds, to win this thing. And deplorable viewers at home have consistently overruled rock-bottom scores from the judges, ensuring he’ll live to stagger onstage, like a goofy rhinoceros, for another day…

“‘Vote for Sean Spicer on Dancing with the Stars,’ the president tweeted. ‘He is a great and very loyal guy who is working very hard! #MAGA.’

“The judges, who’ve continually voted Spicer last or second-to-last after enduring his crazy neon-green puffy salsa-inspired shirt and his creepy sailor suit in the latest installment, are trying to prevent their heads from exploding as Spicer knocks out dancers they consider more worthy.

“‘We keep throwing you out of the boat, and the viewers keep throwing a lifeline,’ said frustrated judge Len Goodman. ‘The mermaid had better feet than you,’ he said after Spicer plodded to the tune ‘Come Sail Away.’”

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On James Van Der Beek’s heartbreaking exit from the show: “Before his second dance, Van Der Beek stunned the audience with news of his wife’s miscarriage. There was not a dry eye in the house as Van Der Beek told how his wife, still in the hospital, urged him on to dance. He performed a tango in her honor.

“The pain was etched on his face in the passionate dance, which added to the pathos. Inaba was noticeably weeping as she gave her thoughts and scores.

“‘I don’t know how you got through that,’ she said, wiping away tears. ‘But in the midst of all the tragedy you’re going through, you gave me great posture.’

“The judges gave straight nine scores. But with his scores from both dances, the longtime favorite Van Der Beek was very much at risk of getting voted off.”

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Still, the show went on: “‘The Bachelorette’ star said she was still in ‘shock’ after winning the Mirror Ball Trophy but credited a calm that came over her during the dances.

“‘I’ve always been so nervous before I perform. It’s probably been one of the biggest struggles that I’ve had. Letting those fears get into the way of the dance,’ she said. ‘But going into tonight’s performance, I felt all that dissipate.'”

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Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports 2019


“What do you get when you combine a three-time Super Bowl champion, an Olympic gold medal skier, the biggest names in sports and gallons of green slime?

“A sticky mess — and the finale competition at the Nickelodeon ‘Kids’ Choice Sports 2019.’


“Hosted by former Super Bowl champion and two-time Emmy Award winner Michael Strahan, this year’s show featured two teams of sports stars competing in challenges that tested their athletic skills in the stickiest of surroundings.

“Captained by former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and Olympic ski champion Lindsey Vonn, the all-star rosters included Shaun White, Nyjah Huston and Vonn’s NFL player boyfriend, P.K. Subban.

“The first-ever ‘Kids’ Choice Sports Championship’ was a mega-competition made up of five grand-scale, sports-themed challenges that spanned the entire show and culminated in a nail-biting final showdown. One team pulled off the biggest comeback since Super Bowl LI — but you’ll have to watch the show to see who came out victorious.”

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Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports 2019 - Roaming Show

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My own personal bottle of slime! Thank you, Nickelodeon!

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BET Awards 2019 Pre-Show


“…This year, the 2019 BET Awards featured a blue carpet to honor the late Nipsey Hussle. It’s sentiments like these that make awards shows all the more special in 2019, especially seeing as this particular program is all about celebrating black excellence.


“But not only is Nipsey being remembered by the seams of the blue carpet, but he’s also an honoree for the Humanitarian Award for all his work in supporting L.A. communities… In many instances, the rapper used his own earnings from his craft to fuel opportunities for released prisoners and people who were previously homeless, by creating spaces such as a coworking building, a barbershop, and multiple restaurants.


The late Nipsey Hussle performing at the BET Awards 2018 Pre Show

“To show even more gratitude for Nipsey’s grind, there will also be an upcoming star-studded tribute performance featuring DJ Khaled, YG, and John Legend during tonight’s show. With all that said, it’s quite clear that Nipsey has left an unforgettable mark as a philanthropist in the lives of those who witnessed his journey.”



Lizzo rocking a “custom LEWK” on the blue carpet

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Miley Cyrus & Marc Cohn “Walking in Memphis” with Facebook


“Memphis got a friendly buzz in the national media following singer Miley Cyrus’ surprise performance Saturday. Social media giant Facebook dispatched the Nashville artist to the Beale Street Music Festival to help launch its new brand campaign. Hardly anyone in the city or on the festival grounds at Tom Lee Park knew she was coming. Facebook made sure everyone who did know stayed mum. After she got up on the stage and sang, Memphis suddenly was all over the celebrity news sites.”

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