Super Bowl Halftime Show 2017


“For more than a few people who tuned into Sunday night’s Super Bowl, the halftime performance was more exciting than the football.

“This is because Lady Gaga, who headlined the event, by all accounts stole the show, delivering what many have called the best halftime show in the history of the Super Bowl.”

Read more on the TIME Magazine website


“Gaga mainly sang the choruses from her hit songs but when it came to her 2011 hit, ‘Born This Way,’ she again offered another clear message of acceptance by choosing to sing lyrics from a verse towards the end of the song: ‘No matter gay, straight, or bi, Lesbian, transgendered life/I’m on the right track baby/I was born to survive.’
“Gaga has long been outspoken on the issue of LGBTQ rights, and the presence of Vice President Mike Pence in the audience at the game may have played a role in that message.”

Read more about Lady Gaga’s performance and message of inclusion on CNN Entertainment


Watch the full performance on

Credit: Assistant Editor (Rehearsal)

Published by Kari Heavenrich

Video Editor

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